A Visit to Paksebali Village Dawan Klungkung

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On Friday, 17th Februari 2012 we visited Klungkung, precisely to Banjar Bucu, Paksebali Village, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency. We used the building of Br. Bucu Paksebali to deliver the basic needs assistance directly to 41 poor families of several banjar/village in the area of Dawan District, such as Br. Bokong Sampalan, Br. Lekok Sampalan, Gunaksa Village, Br. Pakel Sampalan, and Paksebali Village. Most of the poor families are old-aged people.

On that occasion there came:

  • The Klian of Banjar Bucu: Bapak Wayan Suparta
  • The Klian Banjar Dinas of Bokong: Bapak Putu Sukadana
  • BCC Volunteers: Made Larasati, Kadek Suryani

The 41 poor families (data attached) are listed as below:

Banjar Bokong Sampalan

  1. I Ketut Tambun
  2. I Ketut Nyabuh
  3. Ni Wayan Megeg

Banjar Lekok Sampalan

  1. Ni Nengah Sronong
  2. Ni Komang Suladri
  3. I Ketut Tonik
  4. Ni Nengah Serti
  5. I Wayan Tegeg
  6. I Wayan Sregeg

Gunaksa Village

  1. I Nyoman Kicen
  2. I Wayan Suarna
  3. I Wayan Dwana
  4. I Nengah Gara
  5. Men Mara

Banjar Pakel Sampalan

  1. Mk. Yasa
  2. I Wayan Sudira
  3. Ni Nengah Kerti
  4. Surata
  5. I Nengah Sukarta
  6. Mk. Sumatra
  7. I Nengah Redana
  8. I Nengah Sudiasa

Paksebali Village

  1. I Komang Sujana
  2. Ni Wayan Simurniati
  3. I Putu Purnama
  4. I Wayan Budi
  5. I Nengah Soma
  6. Jro Sebita
  7. Ni Wayan Mesin
  8. I Nengah Mudana
  9. I Nengah Patram
  10. I Ketut Sukra
  11. I Wayan Suparta
  12. I Made Candra
  13. Ni Wayan Minding
  14. Ni Wayan Kardi
  15. Ni Wayan Mungkreg
  16. Ni Nyoman Gemblong
  17. Ni Nyoman Kantun
  18. I Nyoman Marek
  19. Ni Wayan Sandra

And here are some documentations taken.

Listening the Speech
Listening the Speech

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