Desak Nyoman Sayang, poor elderly who lives alone in the house that its roof nearly collapsed

Time of visit : January 23rd 2015

Name : Desak Nyoman Sayang

Husband: passed away 10 years ago

Address : Banjar Gria, Nyalian Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency

Phone numbers who could be contacted:

  • IB Gede Oka Manuaba, Desak Nyoman Sayang neighbor, 087761055234
  • Made Wisna, Desak Nyoman Sayang neighbor, 087861222484

Note : poor elderly who lives by herself

Bank Account: We did not succeed in making a bank account for her. If you would like to become a regular donor, we will submit your donation every 3-4 months.


  1. I Komang Donalt Sudiarta, IDR 100.000 per month, from March 2015
  2. NS, IDR 100.000 per month, from November 2015
  3. Please contact us to become a sponsor

Update on November 4, 2016; She has received the following donations: water and electricity installation, TV, Radio, walking stick, and a bathroom which is being built.

Update on November 11, 2016; Desak Nyoman Sayang received house renovation assistance.

Update on March 10th, 2017; Desak Nyoman Sayang received house renovation assistance.


Desak Nyoman Sayang lives alone at her house since the husband passed away 10 years ago. Her 2 children were also passed away; 1 died when still in the tomb, another 1 died when he/she had just been born. To fulfill her daily needs, Nini (her nickname) is often helped by the citizen who are pity to her living, or when there is no supports/money/foods – Nini has to owe them at the shop nearby. Nini is no longer employed, she barely couldn’t walk straight, the only job she is still capable of is helping the neighbors make Canang or Banten but only on ceremony/Odalan season.

Her house condition is need some supports.

  • The construction of Bale Dauh (west side of the house) is long stopped since her husband passed away, there is no roof.
  • Nini’ bedroom was once at Bale Daja (north side pf the house) but since the roof almost collapsed she is no longer sleep there. Therefore Nini sleeps in the kitchen.
  • Bale Dangin (east side of the house)  cant be used for sleeping room because of it has no walls. Bale Dangin was constructed on the support of a citizen named Bp. Cokorda Mangku.
  • The kitchen is in the south side is where Nini used to sleep now at night.

Although the house locatipn near the main road, Nini has no electricity at the house. Bp. Cokorda Mangku supports the clea  water distribution at her house.

Your assistances to Desak Nyoman Sayang could be in the form of basic needs aid or financial support to fulfil daily needs.

Below are some documentations we took:

Desak Nyoman Sayang
Bale Daja
Bale Daja
Broken Platform
Broken Platform
Bale Dauh
Bale Dauh
Bale Dangin
Bale Dangin
Sleeps in the Kitchen

Below please find a video documentation which we took on August 6th, 2016.

Address : Banjar Gria, Nyalian Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency
Coordinates: 8°29.479’S 115°22.108’E (View on Google Maps)

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