Fitri Anisah, Amlapura, Karangasem

Visit Date: July 4, 2014

Name: Fitri Anisah (malnourished)

Sex: Female

Age: 12 years old

Mother’s Name: Sarifah (having advanced ovarian cancer)

Grandmother’s Name: Marwinah Saedah (suffering from cataracts)

Address: Jl. Gajah Mada, Gang Perkutut No. 15, Dangin Sema I Area, Amlapura, Karangasem. It’s close to Bank BRI of Amlapura.

Tags: disabled, sick, and poor family

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Amlapura, No.: 0241 01 0123314509, Beneficiary: Malik Abdul Aziz


  1. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on September 2nd, 2014, Ibu Sarifah had died.

Update on April 18th, 2015; Fitri Anisah had died

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Fitri Anisah, a orphan girl suffered from malnutrition since she was 6 months. Being 12, now Fitri can only lay on the bed, skinny, can not sit or walk. She can’t even speak.

Her mother, Sarifah, have laid on the bed in weak condition for the latest 2 years due to the advanced cancer she has suffered. She can’t speak clearly. Fitri’s father has died. Fitri and her mother are taken care by Fitri’s grandmother (85 years old) and her brother; Malik Abdul Aziz (M/15 years old).

The condition of this family is so poor that we initiate to create a bank account under name of  Malik Abdul Aziz (Fitri’s brother). We look for your donation to help this family.

If you want to visit Fitri at her house, please print this page and call her aunt (Ibu Maria, ph. 085738875618)  or her brother (Malik Abdul Aziz, ph. 085738352878) so you won’t get lost.

Here’s the documentations of our visit.

Fitri Anisah
Fitri & Her Grandmother
Ibu Sarifah
Nenek Saedah

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Admin says:

    Dear Ibu Marja de Jong, thank you for the info. We will contact Pak Wayan/Pak Made ASAP. Thanks again, Kadek.

  2. Marja de Jong says:

    Dear Kadek,
    you can contact I Wayan Tirta, phone 08124617xxx, or I Made Surata, phone 08123655xxx.They have been there and can explain how to come there.
    For the girl that is in SD, kl 6, I found a sponsor.
    It is not sure yet that I can come, but when I am in Bali I will contact you.
    Terima kasih,

  3. Admin says:

    Dear Ibu Marja de Jong,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We would be glad to escort you to meet Fitri Anisah. Please call us at 0361-2161888 when you’re in Bali in October.
    Also, please inform us the contact person or address of the family in Tirtagangga, we may visit them next month.
    Salam dari Bali. Kadek

  4. Marja de Jong says:

    Wonderful that you care about the poor and disabled people in Bali.I am a Dutch woman that comes already 20 years many times to Bali.I will visit Fitri Anisah when I will be in Bali end of October.Than I stay in the house of Balinese friends in Amlapura.Since many years, with help of Balinese friends, I help families like hers. At the moment I like to help a family in Tirtagangga. They had 5 children, one already died. She had same handicap as 1 boy (11) and 1 girl(5), a very small head.The children cannot do anything, only lay.One other girl is mentally retarded.They live very poor.I am always looking for help of sponsors to do this.
    About Yasa kerthi I can tell you a lot, since more than 10 years I am helping there. At the moment there are 14 children, plus the 3 children of the couple that lives there.
    I would like to have contact with you about visiting families, as a volunteer, in Karangasem. Also I am interested in some follow up from families that were visited in the past.Salam dari Belanda, Marja de Jong.

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