Housing Assistance for Nengah Kari’s Family in Banjar Dinas Desa, Bungaya Village, Bebandem, Karangasem

On May 6th 2017, we have finished building a simple house for I Nengah Kari’s family; an underprivileged elderly couple in Banjar Dinas Desa, Bungaya Village, Bebandem, Karangasem.



The details of house renovation program can be seen as below:

  • 1 bedroom size 3.3 x 3 meters
  • Terrace size 1.9 x 3 meters
  • The total building size is 15.6 meters
  • Floor: cemented
  • Wall: unplastered brick
  • Roof: corrugated zinc

Total building expense is Rp. 4.530.000

BCC’s volunteer for Karangasem Area : I Gede Yatha Wisnawa (0821-4755-9595) asked for help from Nengah Kari’s family and relatives as well as students who were doing student study service in the villages around. They worked together demolishing the old house building and help to distribute the material from the main road to the building site. Gede Yatha also asked for help from the local builders and material shop owners to help to give the best price considering that Nengah Kari is underprivileged elderly.

Donors for this house renovation program is Mr. Hartono Kadiman.

Hereby are the documentations of the program:

Below please find a video documentation which we took on May 6th, 2017.

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