Jero Mangku Yasa, poor elderly at Tegak Village, Klungkung

Date of visit: 5th June 2015

Name: Jero Mangku Yasa (W 75 y/o)

Occupation: Unable to work

Address: Sub Village Tengah, Village Tegak, Klungkung

Daughter: Ni Ketut Suastini (W 35 y/o)

Occupation: Farmer labor

Description: Poor family, poor elderly

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4749-01-006959-53-0, Beneficiary: Ni Ketut Suastini


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Update on November 4th, 2016; her house has been renovated.


Jero Mangku Yasa (W 75 t/o) used to be “serviced as a Hindu priest “Pemangku” now as her old age, she’s unable to do the service anymore. She lives with her 2 unmarried daughters and her husband died 2 years ago.

House condition, soiled floor and cemented, some holes at the roof, the terrace beam slanted likely to collapse. There are 2 rooms inside, 1 bedroom with 2 mattresses for three of them, 1 praying room, no electricity, no fresh water source.

Income source of Jero Mangku Yasa family depends on her daughters work as farming labor and flower picker labor.

Your contribution to this family can be daily living need or funds to buy food stock and funds to repair their house.

Here with some documentation we took during the visit.

Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Kamar Suci
Sacred Room

Address: Sub Village Tengah, Village Tegak, Klungkung
Coordinates: 8°29’07.9″S 115°23’50.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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