Nyoman Limut, a less fortunate elderly in Dusun Goris, Desa Pejarakan, Gerokgak, Buleleng

Date of Visit: 9 August 2019

Name: Ni Nyoman Limut (Female/around 80 years old)

Occupation: Porosan maker (ceremony medium)

Address: Dusun Goris, Desa Pejarakan, Kecamatan Gerokgak, Kabupaten Buleleng

Contact number: 0853-3360-3315 – Made Wiradnya; BCC volunteer in Buleleng Area

Category : poor elderly

Should you wish to be a regular donor for her, we will make a bank account with her as a beneficiary, therefore you could help her directly.

Regular donor:

  1. Please contact us should you wish to be a regular donor for her.

Ni Nyoman Limut had five children ; 3 of them has passed away. The other two are boys, one lives in Karangasem and the other one lives in Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Buleleng. Her husband has passed away a long time ago. She lives alone in her house. Her child who lives in Pemuteran usually visits her on Galungan Day. She also has one stepchild who lives not very far from her. Her stepchild and her step grandchildren often visit her and help her. As she is getting older, she is now suffering from joint pain, she has to use a walking stick to be able to walk.

Source of income:

  • She works as a porosan maker (ceremony medium) with an income of Rp. 2.000 per day, because of her age, she does not have another job.
  • She has not received the rice for the poor (Raskin) program from the government.

House condition: It is very concerning, the posts that support the roof has getting really old, so does the frame of the roof, the roof at the back side of the house has fallen. The house itself is old and almost every part of the house are broken and quite dangerous to live in it.

  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bedbase: 1
  • Bed: 1, very thin
  • House from soil and brick
  • Wall from the wood sheet, corrugated iron and bamboo woven. It is old and there are holes in it
  • Roof from clay and corrugated iron
  • Electricity Access
  • Water from the well
  • Land status: privately owned

Should you wish to donate to help Ni Nyoman Limut, please kindly consider to donate:

  • Bed and pillow
  • Groceries or funds to afford daily needs
  • Funds to renovate the house, especially the house posts so it will be less dangerous
  • Walking stick.

Below are the photos that we took during our visit.

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