Rahmad Hidayat, Poor citizen that is suffering from Acute Lung Disease

Category: Badung, Poor and Sick

Time of visit : April 10, 2015

Name : Rahmad Hidayat

Gender : Male/42 y.o

Occupation : unemployed

Address : Waduk Muara Denpasar, Fishing location, east side of Bali Galeria Mall. By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai Highway

Phone number : 081338409997 (Mr. Rahmad)

Note : Poor citizen that is suffering from acute lung disease

Bank Account: Bank BCA Kcp Kyai Tamin, No.: 1730135081, Beneficiary: Santi Rahayu


  1. Vina Adinata sponsored school fees for his son (Fachry Hidayat), from June 2015
  2. Vina Adinata pays the school fees for the second child; Aisyah Qory Hidayat, starting May 2016
  3. Please contact us to become a sponsor

Update on June 12, 2015

Update on June 22, 2015; Fachry Hidayat already enrolled in Wahidiyah Primary School

Update on May 16, 2016; Aisyah Qory Hidayat already enrolled in Wahidiyah Kindergarten

Update on January 7th, 2017; Rahmad Hidayat had died.

Update on January 14, 2017; Santi Rahayu and her children moved to Jl. Tukad Baru Timur Gang Masruri 1 Kampung Islam, Kepaon, Denpasar. Phone: 081 338 409 997.


Rahmad Hidayat is sufferig from acute lung dosease since 4 years ago, to breath normally he is depending on supplied oxygen. The oxygen refill costs Rp 80.000, as per week he spends 3 tubings. Therefore he consumes approximately 12 tubings oxygen per month. 12 tubings x Rp 80.000 = Rp 960.000.

In the past, there was a donator who helped him with oxyen supplies, but these months lately he stopped supporting the tubings. Because of that Mr. Rahmad have some loans at Udayana Oxygen that located in Maruti street near Wangaya Public Hospital Denpasar.

A comunity had made BPJS card (medical insurance card) for him, so for hospital treatment will be covered by BPJS but for oxygen supplies and delinquent medical fees he needs support from donator.

Rahmad Hidayat has 2 children; 1 son (7 y.o) and 1 daughter (4 y.o). Both of them are not registered in any school institution yet. His wife (28 y.o) seeks for used things at trash bins to resell them.

Rahmad Hidayat n family lives in Perhutani land (government’s land), near the fishing area at the east side of Bali Galeria mall, the people build them temporary house. Due to their house lofated in busy area, we built them a spot to sell drinks and snacks so that they will make additional income.

Your help to this family can be in form of basic daily needs, toys, financial support to buy daily needs, or finansial support to but oxygen and the medication.

Below are some documentation that we took.




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  1. Admin says:

    @Darrin Szewczyk, thank you very much for your donation. We have received the donation and will submit it to Rahmad Hidayat as soon as possible. Once submitted, we’ll send you the photo. Thanks again and kind regards, BCC.

  2. Darrin Szewczyk says:


    I would like to donate a little bit , I hope it can help.

    Thank you


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