Wayan Selamat, a poor family in Tembuku, Bangli

Category: Bangli, Poor Family

Date of visit : November 27th 2015

Name : I Wayan Selamat (M/32 y.o)

Occupation : Coconut tree climber

Address : Br. Penarukan, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku Sub-district, Bangli Regency

Wife : Yuliana (F/30 y.o)

Occupation : House Maid

Phone contacts:

  • 081337219618, Bp. Nyoman Moleh; The Chief of Br. Penarukan
  • 082340326093, Nyoman Salin; Wayan Selamat’s neighbor.

Information : Poor family

Bank Account: Bank BRI Bangli, No.: 8006-01-000748-53-1, Beneficiary: I Wayan Selamat


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Update on July 2nd, 2016; Wayan Selamat received housing assistance. Wayan Selamat is also received pillow and bed donation.

Update on August 2nd, 2016; Wayan Selamat received electricity installation.


I Wayan Selamat and his wife have 1 child; I Wayan Wira (M/3 yo), I Wayan Selamat experienced several accidents; he was hit by a truck and also fell down from a coconut tree. The scars could be observed clearly in his head. Due to those accidents, he is suffering from neuralgia. He should regularly consume a specific medicine so that the neuralgia is not recurrence. Every 15 days he has to go to Bangli Mental Hospital to get those medicines.

Earnings: I Wayan Selamat works as a coconut tree climber who has an irregular earning, He said that he earns IDR. 200.000 – IDR. 350.000 per month, while, he pay IDR. 200.000 per month for temple or Banjar construction fee. That fee is true according to Bp. Nyoman Moleh; the chief of Br. Penarukan who accompanied us to I Wayan Selamat’s house.

His house condition; soiled floor, bamboo plait wall, asbestos roof, there is only 1 small hut sized 2.5 m x 3 m as a bed room and also kitchen, there is only one small bed sized 0.75 m x 2 m for three of them to sleep, no mattress, no pillows.

Your donation to this family can be in a form of basic daily needs, mattress, pillows and funds to buy daily needs or to build a very simple house.

Below, we provide several documentations that we could take during the visit.


Address : Br. Penarukan, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku Sub-district, Bangli Regency
Coordinates: 8°24’38.6″S 115°24’21.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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