A Visit to Karangasem

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On Monday, October 20, 2014, we went to Karangasem Regency. Our visit was aimed at facilitating the donation plan from BCC volunteers; Mrs. Denise Burton, Mrs. Jen, Mrs. Mandy and friends from Little Hands – Big Hearts – Community Bali.

First, we visited Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-school at Dusun Putung, Duda Timur Village, Selat, Karangasem to discuss a plant to build a pantry for the school. On that occasion, there were Bp. Made Puja; Bendesa Adat Br. Putung together with the teachers; Ni Wayan Murtiniasih and Ni Ketut Asih Arini.

Here are some documentations taken:

Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-school
Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-school
Bendesa Adat & Pre-school Teachers

Next we visited Kumara Kerta Winangun pre-school at Nawa Kerti Village Abang to buy 3 tables anbd discuss a plan to build children playground. On that occasion, there were p. Nyoman Karta Sugiantara; The Temporary Head of Nawa Kerti, Bp. Nengah Rata; The former Head of Nawa Kerti, and the shool principal; Ni Ketut Muliati Dewi.

Here are the documentations:

1 Ruang Kelas PAUD_s
2 Tempat Bermain_s
3 Kades Nawa Kerti_s
Head of Nawa Kerti Village
4 Tempat Membuat Meja_s
Table Makers

Last, we visited the family of Bp. Made Gunung; poor family with 2 cerebral palsy children. Please click on the link to read the full profile of his family.

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