Bicycle Donation for 3 orphans in Nusa Penida, Klungkung

On June 1st 2017 we delivered bicycle donation for 3 orphans at Nusa Penida, Klungkung. Three children that get our donation as follows:

  1. Kadek Deva Bayu Pradnyana (Male/11 years old/Elementary School 6th class); orphans at Br. Penaga, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida.
  2. Ni Putu Intan Agustina (Female/8 years old/Elementary School 1st class); orphans at Br. Pucang, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida.
  3. Children of Ni Ketut Karni; poor family at Br. Lepa, Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida.

That aid is from our BCC donor; Mrs. Eny Rahayu and friends, those aid delivered by our volunteer from Nusa Penida; Mr. Wayan Urip (0812-3653-5261). The slip of buying the bike is attached.

Here the documentations.

Handover assistance to Kadek Deva Bayu Pradnyana

Handover assistance to Ni Putu Intan Agustina

Handover assistance to Ni Ketut Karni children

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