Housing Assistance for Ni Nyoman Alit at Karangasem

On April 23 2015 we did handover of simple house assistance to Ni Nyoman Alit who lives in Banjar Dinas Seloni, Culik village, Abang, Karangasem Regency. Ni Nyoman Alit is a grand mother who lives in a stack, she has no kids, blind, and have hearing problem.



House Renovation specifications:

  • Building size 3 m x 4 m
    – Bedroom: 2 m x 3 m
    – Bathroom: 2 m x 1 m
  • Total building area: 12 m2
  • Floor: cement
  • Walls: plastered brick rough
  • High wall: 3 m
  • Toilet squat
  • Bathtub
  • Roofing: Asbestos
  • Contractor: Mr. Sumardi (08135318544)
  • Prices so: 1 million per m2
  • Total cost: 12 million

The payment was made to contractor Mr. Sumardi on March 31 2015 to build 2 houses:

  • Ni Nyoman Alit; building size 12 m2 x Rp. 1 million/m2 = Rp. 12 million
  • Ni Wayan Sare; building size 20 m2 x Rp. 1 million/m2 = Rp. 20 million

Total Rp 32 million. Payment proof is attached: Cheque BCC and Receipt

List of Donators:

  1. Rudy Laurens and family
  2. Hendry Widjojo and family
  3. Fedy Romamti and family
  4. Eka Nusantoro
  5. JA
  6. Eny Rahayu
  7. Susanto Akiong
  8. Kevin Chandra
  9. NK

Below are the timeline of the project implementation:

  • 27 February 2015; gathering information regarding te house renovation plan with the family and the local house builder.
  • 28 March 2015; showing the house renovation project location to contractor: Mr. Sumardi (081353185444). Coordinated with family and decendants, also discussed about house location and the good day to start the construction.
  • 1 April 2015; house construction project started.
  • 18 April 2015; Surveying the progress of house construction. Met the chief of Culik village; Mr. Ketut Sukarta to coordinate about house renovation project.
  • 23 April 2015; house construction was finished and handed over to the family.

Below are some documentations we took.


Home address : Banjar Dinas Seloni, Culik village, Abang district, Karangasem residence
Coordinates : 8°20’31.0″S 115°37’00.9″E (View on Google Maps)

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