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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Made Karya, Poor Elderly Living Alone, Selat, Karangasem

Date of visit: September 6, 2013

Name: Ni Made Karya

Occupation: Farmer

Address: Dusun Putung, East Duda Village, Selat District, Karangasem Regency.

Tags: poor elderly, living alone

Update on January 30th, 2015: Made karya already occupies the new house.

Update on October 20th, 2019; Made Karya is passed away.

Ni Made Karya lived on her own in the middle of the moor, her husband passed away a long time ago. Ni Made Karya has 7 children, 2 of them died, one of her children (I Wayan Karya) was handicapped, while 4 others were going away to work in Buleleng.

Ni Made Karya’s daily occupation was in the salak garden. Her house condition: walls were made of woven bamboo which were already damaged, hollows are spotted in some parts which partially covered by sacks, the floor was made from soil, has no mattress, no electricity and water. For her needs of water, Ni Made Karya had to walk to “pancoran” -a showering water- which was located about 500 meters from her house.

Your assistance to Ni Made Karya could be in form of food, materials for house, home appliances such mattresses and pillows, tables and chairs, clothing, etc.

Here are some of the documentations that we could take.

Ni Made Karya
On the Way

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